Be Wise Promo Video

Be Wise is a student run, on campus organization that advocates for the responsible consumption of alcohol. Recently, Be Wise partnered with the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity to launch the Make Wise Choices campaign, which deals specifically with knowing your own limits and not placing yourself in potentially harmful situations.

Be Wise and DKE wanted to tell a story that was targeted towards college males, with an emphasis on fraternity brothers. So, Few Among Many created a video that follows one character going through a night scripted to be as relatable to a college party night as possible.

A reverse POV effect, achieved with a SnorriCam, makes the audience feel like they are right there with the character. By creating a likable protagonist in a frequently encountered situation, Few Among Many ensured that the video would engage the target audience, but also deliver Be Wise’s message of safety and responsibility.

The video is currently displayed online on the Make Wise Choices homepage.

Music Produced by Jason Rostkowski.